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Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology (SCAN)

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For Veterinarians

At Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology, same day appointments are always available for urgent cases.

Our neurologists are more than happy to assist you with challenging cases; please feel free to contact us via phone or email anytime. However, if the need to refer arises, we are here 24/7/365 to support you with collaborative care. Our neurologists are always on call for urgent diagnostics and/or procedures. If you’d like to discuss a case before sending to one of our hospitals, or would just like to share feedback, please call us anytime.

  • Your patient requires advanced diagnostic or neurologic/neurosurgical procedure that is offered by our hospital

  • To obtain assistance in understanding a laboratory or radiographic abnormality

  • To obtain assistance with making a diagnosis or to confirm patient diagnosis

  • A neutral second opinion on your patient’s condition is sought

  • The outcomes of the current treatments are not as expected

For Veterinarians:

We are pleased to provide our Veterinary Referral Form and Brochure Request Forms for our referring veterinarians.