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Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology (SCAN)

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If you are a pet owner and your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, please go to your nearest 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital.

If your pet is an established patient and you have a non-urgent medical question outside normal business hours, call (727) 325-2955 (SCAN- Clearwater) or (239) 500-7226 (SCAN- Naples). Calls will be routed to the answering service and voice messages will be transcribed and forwarded to on-call support staff. \

Messages are monitored between 9am – 9pm when the office is closed.

If you are a veterinarian with a patient in need of an emergency referral to SCAN, please call the after-hours rDVM hotline number for the SCAN location nearest you. One of our neurologists is on-call 24/7/365 to discuss urgent cases with veterinarians and arrange emergency transfers if necessary.