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Dog sitting on wall

Post-Operative Exercises

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology is proud to provide you with educational videos on post-operative care for your pet. Please join Dr. Carnes as she explains a variety of exercises for early post-operative patients.

Assisted Standing Exercises

Assisted Standing Exercises are beneficial to pets during their early to mid post-operative period. Please watch Dr. Carnes demonstrate these exercises with her assistant, Sarge.

Back Stretching Exercises

Pets can benefit from Back Stretching Exercises during their post-operative recovery. Please join Dr. Carnes as she explains the benefits of these stretches and demonstrates how to safely perform them on your pet.

Passive Range of Motion Exercises

Dr. Carnes is here to demonstrate Passive Range of Motion Exercises, which are best performed on pets who cannot move their legs or walk on their own.