Have You Had Lunch Today?

This week, the entire staff at SCAN Naples was treated to a scrumptious lunchtime spread, courtesy of one of our delighted dachshund parents.

Emma, a 9-year-old dachshund was referred to SCAN by Dr. Stacey Huber, her primary care veterinarian, for difficulty walking and experiencing severe discomfort.

After a complete neurological exam, SCAN’s Dr. Nick Archambault determined the source of her discomfort and weakness to be a problem in the lumbar spinal column. Her MRI showed a severe intervertebral disc herniation (“slipped disc”) at L4-L5 space.

She was taken to surgery immediately following her MRI and a massive amount of herniated disc was removed, freeing the nerve roots from the compression which caused her so much discomfort.

ONE DAY after surgery, Emma was walking normally and appearing much more comfortable. She had a normal exam and was pain-free at her two-week post-op recheck exam.